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1. What can I complain to the PCB?

PCB investigates complaints about administrative actions and decisions of the Malaysian government, ministries, department and agencies at the federal, state and local level (except in Sabah and Sarawak which is only at the federal which may be wrong, unjust, unlawful or just plain unfair.

2. Are there any fees charged to lodge the complaint?
It is free of charge.
3. Can I lodge a complaint on behalf of another person?
Yes with the consent from the aggrieved person.
4. Can I make an anonymous complaint?
Yes, if the complaint involves public interest and sufficient information is given by the complainant to enable investigation to be conducted.
5. What are the types of complaint that can be lodged to PCB?
» Delay / no action
» Unfair action
» Lack of public amenities
» Inadequacies of policy implementation and law
» Abuse of power / misconduct of civil servants
» Failure to adhere to set procedures
» Failure of enforcement
» Unsatisfactory service quality
» Miscellaneous complaints
6. Can all complaints be referred to PCB?
Yes, EXCEPT complaints:

» Against Government policies
» Matters under the jurisdiction of:
» Public Accounts Committee (PAC)
» Anti Corruption Commission (MACC)
» Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC)
» Legal Aid Department
» Courts of Law
7. How do I make a complaint?
» Klik here - FEEDBACK FORM

8. What should I include in my complaints to PCB?
 i) Information to be filled
    » Name - Type of complainant
    » NRIC - Complaint’s subject
    » Gender - Detail of complaint
    » Address - Agency complained of
    » Country/state/district - Actions taken
    » Telephone/email - Actions requested from PCB
    » Occupation
ii) Optional information
   » Password - Facsimile no.
   » Attachments - Passport no. / others
   » Nationality - Company / society
9. What happens to my complaint?
» PCB generates a case number after it is registered in the system.
» PCB sends a letter of acknowledgement to the complainant.
» Investigation commences.
» All correspondences relating to the investigation will be copied to the complainant for information.
» Complaints which are of public interest will be brought to the attention of the Permanent Committee on Public Complaints and Cabinet.
» PCB informs the result of investigation to the complainant.
» PCB sends CSI form to the complainant for evaluation on PCB’s complaint management services.
10. How long will an investigation take?
 » PCB’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) stipulates that all complaints must be resolved within 15 days.
 » The time taken to resolve complaints will depend on the nature of complaints whether it is simple, moderate or complex. Simple    cases may be resolved immediately or within 3 days. Moderate cases may be settled within 5 to 15 days.



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