» To resolve complaints efficiently, fairly, and effectively as promised in the PCB Client's Charter;
» To improve the rate of resolving complaints received from the public;
» To provide and improve facilities for the public to lodge complaints;
» To reduce repetitive complaints against the public services;
» To introduce changes and innovation based on public complaints received;
» To provide advisory services to agencies in order to improve the effectiveness of public complaints management system;
» To detect issues than can lead to complaints made by the public; and
» To obtain public opinion to ensure the success of the Governments' development programmes.
Prime Minister’s Department
Level 6, Block B1
Federal Government Administrative Centre
62502 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Tel: 603 8000 8000
Fax: 603 8888 3748, 8888 7778
Emel: webmaster[at]pcb.gov.my
Institut Integriti Malaysia(IIM) Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam(JPA) Ketua Setiausaha Negara MAMPU
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