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MESRA Programme

MESRA programme was first implemented in year 2002. The programme is a dialogue session between Heads of Deparment from State and District government agencies with the public. The programme usually will be chaired by State Secretary and Director General of Public Complaints Bureau (PCB). All the complaint raised in this programme is recorded by PCB and remedial action will be taken with the relevant agencies.
Mobile Complaints Counter (MCC)
PCB has been organizing this programme since 1989. Formerly, it was known as a "Circuit Programme" and was implemented according to the Public Service Development Administrative Service Circular No.4 of 1992. The modus operandi of this programme is setting up of PCB's counter especially in the rural areas to reach out the grassroots level.
Integrated Mobile Complaints Counter (IMCC)
This programme was resulted from the enhancement made to the Mobile Complaints Counter (MCC), aiming to continue and extend this programme throughout the nation. The first IMCC was held at Taiping, Perak in 2005. Basically this programme is a "One-Stop Solution Centre" whereby various government agencies and PCB will open their counters to provide an opportunity for the public to lodge complaints or to air their dissatisfaction.
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