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Type of Complaint
A. Complaints That Can Be Lodged By Public
Below are examples of complaints that can be lodged to the Public Complaints Bureau for further action: -
1. Delays / No Action
  1. National Registration Department that promised to deliver MyKad in 2 months from the date of application but failed to do so and also failed to provide feedback on citizenship application.
  2. Immigration Department failed to provide feedback about work permit application and replacement of missing passport.
  3. Inland Revenue Board (IRB) did not pay back the credit balance of income tax in 2 months as promised earlier.
  4. Delay or inaction by Police in investigating reports that were lodged by public burglary, accidents and drug addicts who occupied empty houses.
  5. Police failed / delayed in providing accident reports.
  6. Delay by Employee Provident Fund (EPF) in approving members' applications to withdraw contribution money with purpose of purchasing new houses, financing child education and also because of the permanent disabilities.
  7. Delay by EPF and SOCSO in taking any necessary action against employers who failed to contribute to EPF/SOCSO even though the deduction have been made from workers salary.
2. Unfair Action
  1. Land Office failed to provide feedback on land application status.
  2. Pension Division failed to provide feedback on pension application.
  3. Municipal Council have yet to approve the building construction plan even though the plan was submitted for quite some time, failed / delayed in issuing quit rent.
  4. Department of Social Welfare did not approve the welfare assistance application.
  5. SOCSO failed to pay compensation.
  6. Department of Public Services and PTPTN did not provide feedback on scholarship application / education loan.
3. Lack of Public Amenities
  1. Lack of public amenities such as police station, fire station, schools, places of worship, market, water supplies, rubbish bins, telephone services, electricity supplies, bus services, street lights, traffic lights, road humps, tar covered roads and children playground.
4. Inadequacies of Policy Implementation And Law
  1. Departments make decisions or take unfair actions on land application which is not in accordance with the land regulations / procedures that has been fixed by Land Office. The Land Office approved a new applicant but at the same time rejected an application made by another applicant who has been developing the land for past 15 years.
5. Abuses of Power
  1. Head of Department and Government officers misuse their authority to accept bribes in order to approve any applications. For example, State and District Level Land officers who took bribe for approving land applications.
  2. Officers from District Council / Municipality / City Hall took bribe in order to approve building plan applications.
  3. District Works Engineer approved road and bridge construction contracts and tenders to be given to selected contractors who provide commissions to the engineer concerned.
  4. Immigration Officers approved work permits and foreign maids and labour license by accepting bribes.
  5. Police Officers decreased and cancelled the summons because the offenders pay bribes / offenders are their family members or friends of them.
6. Misconduct of Civil Servants
  1. Civil Servants / Officers who are impolite, harsh, and behave badly while serving the public either through telephone conversation, or when meeting face to face, careless in doing their duty, absence from work without giving any reason / informing officer in charged, arriving late and leaving the office early and doing personal matter during office hours.
  2. Front desk staff for example in the Immigration Department, Inland Revenue Board, Employees Provident Funds, National Registration Department, Police, Transport Department who do not provide services, not interested in their work, snobbish, arrogant and, unfriendly.
7. Failure to Adhere to Set Procedures
Municipal Council, Royal Malaysian Police, Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board, Department of Environment, Road Transport Department and other ministries / departments that are not serious while performing their duties. Examples are:-

  1. Municipal Council not taking actions against illegal hawkers and contractors who construct building without consent.
  2. Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board failed to take actions against taxi driver who charge their customers by not using meter.
  3. Road Transport Department failed to take actions against bus drivers who are not using the correct lane while driving.
  4. Department of Environment in not taking actions against factories that dispose their industrial waste recklessly and polluting the environment.
  5. Court always postpones the trial date and very late in fixing new dates even though the lawyer have already filed the case for quite some time.
8. Unsatisfactory Quality of Service Provided
  1. Government Departments / Agencies failed to provide a good maintenance services. For example, School Management / Education Department did not repair damages to the building.
  2. Religious Department not taking care of the cleanliness of the worship places.
  3. District / Municipal Council not monitoring the cleanliness of marketplace, not doing necessary maintenance for damaged bridge, not replacing damaged sport equipments in public field / stadium, not sweeping / cleaning roads, not clearing clogged drains which can help mosquitoes to breed, not repairing malfunctioned street lights and fail to collect garbage as scheduled.
  4. Teachers who punished their students for very minimal mistakes or unreasonable reason, doctors who are not taking extra care while treating patients, that may cause permanent disabilities or deaths.
9. Failure to Enforce Regulations/Laws
  1. Police failed to take action against illegal racers and activities of drug addicts.
  2. Police failed to take necessary action to curb burglary and snatch thieves cases in residential area.
  3. Local Authorities did not take any action even though a number of complaints were made by public regarding the presence of illegal motor workshops.
10. Miscellaneous Complaint.
  1. Complaints other than 9 category above
(Please come to the nearest PCB office for further information / assistance)



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