PCB Advisory Board


 History of PCB Advisory Board

Formed on 18th April 2006 during the Presentation Ceremony of Letters of Appointment For PCB’s Advisory Board at 2.30pm in Putrajaya Ballroom 1, Marriott Hotel, Putrajaya.

The first chairman was Tan Sri Abdul Halim Ali whom at that time is the Chairman of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF).

The first members of the Advisory Board are as follows:


The first meeting (Meeting of the Advisory Board of the Public Complaints Bureau No. 1/2006) was held on 9th May, 2006 (Tuesday), 2.30 pm, at the PCB Meeting Room, Level 6, Block B1, Putrajaya.

Among the matters discussed in the first meeting is the Terms of Reference for the Advisory Board and the way forward for PCB.

PCB refers to five agencies that already have their respective Board of Directors to be a guide to prepare the terms of reference for the Advisory Board. The agencies referred to were:


National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN)

National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN)

Department of National Unity (JPN)

Central Bank of Malaysia (BNM)

Ministry of Human Resources (KSM) 


The objective in establishing the Public Complaints Bureau's (PCB) Advisory Board is to enhance its effectiveness on these matters

    1. Management and monitoring of public complaints;
    2. Monitoring of issues that might affect the image of the public agencies;
    3. Management of the public opinion poll regarding the Government policies and programmes; and
    4. Programmes and plans implemented by PCB.


    1. Advice PCB in enhancing their capability in managing, coordinating and monitoring public complaints effectively;
    2. Advice PCB on planning and execution of their programmes;
    3. Advice PCB in an effort to increase cooperation between PCB and other public agencies in handling public complaints; and
    4. Evaluate the achievement and effectiveness of the programmes implemented by PCB.




Prime Minister’s Department
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Federal Government Administrative Centre
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Tel: 603 8000 8000
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Emel: webmaster[at]pcb.gov.my
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